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Experience the difference when you choose North Shore Chemists Pharmacy! Be greeted with a smile and assisted with personalized attention to detail by our world-class pharmacists, accommodating you and your loved ones needs for prescriptions, medical equipment and shopping. Our friendly local independent pharmacy offers a comprehensive list of services that will guide you throughout your healthcare process and make it a positive and enjoyable experience. With maximum efficiency and effective communication, we cater to your needs and convenience.

Get specialized support, free same-day delivery, easy & convenient parking and highly knowledgable pharmacists. Patients come first and we are excited to learn more about you and your needs. Would you like to make your RX process convenient, fast and simple?

Have questions? Ask Us! Simply tap the click to call button to speak with our friendly staff! Walk in to our store or order from your home with same-day delivery, at no extra charge!

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Free Same-Day Delivery

Whether you or your loved ones lack time, resources, mobility or don’t feel in an optimal position to come into our store physically, taking advantage of our same-day delivery service will prove to be to your ultimate benefit. Ordering from the safety of your home and getting your prescription delivered in addition to any of our store products is available at no extra charge!

When you choose North Shore Chemists Pharmacy Great Neck as your healthcare partners you will received unparalleled customer service through the safe, caring and competent actions of our pharmacy staff. Life moves fast and medication adherence is of the essence. North Shore Chemists is here for you and is ready to help.

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Patient Counseling

Gain immediate access to our world-class great neck pharmacy staff and consult with the experts! Offering a high level of resources to the local and surrounding areas by providing you and your loved ones with personalized pharmaceutical counseling and advice that will prove to be to your ultimate benefit.

We take the time to explain each and every detail and care for each patient. Allow us to ensure a positive outcome in your medication process and have all of your questions answered as it pertains to a potentially complex medication regimen, side-effects, withdrawal effects and more! Speak to your pharmacy nearby today!

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Medical Synchronization

North Shore Chemists Pharmacy provides medical synchronization for you and your family to better accommodate their schedule and convenience as it pertains to receiving and consuming their medication. It is important to understand when patients are on a complex regimen, every detail matters and goes a long way when discussing long-term benefits. 

We take medical synchronization a step further to better service you, simultaneously offering same-day delivery at no extra charge. It is important to us that each and every one of our patients are happy, healthy and succeeding while maximizing their with loved ones. Choose us as your pharmacy nearby.

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Medication Adherence

When you choose your independent pharmacy located on the Miracle Mile of Great Neck, bordering Manhasset, Roslyn, East Hills and Lake Success you will receive medication adherence from the experts as a courtesy. It is especially important if you are on a complex drug regimen and have several conditions where adhering to each of the details is vital.

Take your medication adherence process serious in order to avoid insufficient treatment, complications, hospitalizations and poor outcomes. We are here to guide you along the right path to successful outcomes and a happy and healthier life. Receiving the best treatment humanly possible comes when you choose North Shore Chemists as your Long Island Pharmacy.

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Immunizations & Vaccines

Immunizations & Vaccines are happily provided to the local residents when you drop your pharmacy near me. Allow us to provide you and your family with the necessary vaccinations and immunizations. We’re located in the centralized area of Great Neck, Manhasset, Little Neck and New Hyde Park. Your comfort and your privacy is taken into consideration when you stop by our store.

Make the responsible decision and take your long-term health serious by having you and your family immunized. Shingles, influenza, flu, pneumovax and prevnar 13, menactra, TDap, Boostrix and all travelers vaccinations are handled by our administration. Just walk in and we’ll get you taken care of!

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Compounding Pharmacy Long Island

North Shore Chemists Pharmacy provides specialized compound pharmacy long island services to all patients and physicians. Would you like your pharmacies near me to handle all custom requests, strictly adhere to medical guidelines and safety precautions, have an expert chemist staff monitoring the entire process, make flavor accommodations and also work with you and your medicine regimen to drastically reduce potential side effects? 

We will customize and bring top tier results with the best compounded medication in the area and work closely with you throughout the entire process. Do you have any questions on the possibilities when you choose us for this service? Call us to get started!

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Over The Counter

You can rely on North Shore Chemists, your Long Island Pharmacy for access to the finest grades of OTC medication. We carry products to treat ailments ranging from headaches, cold and cough to eczema and related beauty care.

Come to us for pharmaceutical preparations such as suppositories, creams and topical, capsules and tablets, ointments, lozenges, drops. We choose to carry brands that demonstrate value to the product and the mission of their company.

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Supplements & Cosmetics

We will assist you in all of your shopping needs and answer all of your questions throughout the process to empower you to make the best decision on how to choose the best of the best.

Would you like delivery? Let us know and we will gladly help.

Medical Conditions
Consult With Our World-Class Pharmacists To Get The Best Treatment For Your Conditions.

Welcome to the drug store in your area that consistently carries top medications to help treat your conditions in the most efficient and effective manner. We are here for you and are available for phone calls, walk ins and form submissions where we will follow up with you to get you information on what you’re looking to accomplish. Get started with us!

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