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Over The Counter Solutions

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Utilize your local independent pharmacy/drug store in Great Neck NY! North Shore Chemists Pharmacy is here to provide you with all of your over the counter treatment drugs in addition to our specialty pharmacy. 

If you are enduring a slight cough, allergy, or common cold, you should not have to go to the hospital. Come to North Shore for access to the best OTC drugs available. 

We offer pain relievers, cough suppressants, antihistamines, antacids, and specialty formulations to help with acne, constipation, and other mild forms of discomfort. 

Our pharmacists will be glad to help you get the best medication to eliminate the symptoms and get you back to tiptop shape. 

One of the benefits of choosing us is the high level convenience we offer you by offering same-day delivery. Simply add whatever you would like from our store and we can fulfill on all of your requests and offer delivery for free! 

Taking advantage of our resources will help you manage your time more efficiently from the comfort of your own home.