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Don’t let your daily life requirements get in the way and stop you from receiving your medication. Eliminate the daily stressors you may be going through and rely on North Shore Chemists Pharmacy for your prescription to be filled on time and delivered on your terms. 

Take advantage of the new age and eliminate the transportation time, store time and utilize our mobile services to adhere to your medication process. Whether you lack the time, resources or don’t feel in an optimal position to come in physically to our great neck pharmacy, be sure to choose us as your healthcare partners. If you are looking for a pharmacy that gets medicine delivered at home nearby, call North Shore Chemists to get prescription delivered on timeOrdering from the safety of your home in conjunction with utilizing our mobile app for fast and free easy refills will put you in the drivers seat for your process. Simply choose “delivery” at checkout. Improve your medication adherence drastically with personalized attention to detail from our pharmacists. Eliminate the inconvenience of coming into the store and get your medication hand-delivered to the location of your choice.

One of the benefits of ordering delivery is the enhanced level of privacy you receive. We completely understand if you feel uncomfortable coming into the store and discussing your personal private health problems around people. Eliminate the level of awkwardness it may provide you with and simply consult with our pharmacists digitally and receive your medication in a safe and discreet fashion. Online pharmacy delivery is the answer! Choose your local independent pharmacy that delivers long island for high level service. 

Pharmacies that deliver in your area that offer the service for absolutely free? Take advantage now and get in touch with us! If you would like to transfer your prescription to us fill out the form.